‘Impressions From Rustaveli’
04.10.2015 Regent Street Cinema, London.

Short film by Nana Tchitchoua ,

Nana (nanuka) Tchitchoua was born in 1978 in Tbilisi, Georgia. She immigrated to USA with her family in 1992 and continued her art and film education at California Institute of the Arts with BFA in Art and MFA in Film. She is an artist working in media from painting and collage to sculpture and film, She returns to Georgia regularly to participate in the lively contemporary art culture and curates American Pavilion for FestiNova for the past 6 years. Nana is an initiator of the artists’ exchange projects at the Gregg Fleishman Studio: The Guest Room Projects. Since 2002 she’s been working as a liaison of the Tula Tea Room and Borzoi Kabinet Theatre of The Museum of Jurassic Technology. Her work harmonizes with the vision of the Museum’s aspirations of limning the culture and tradition of Georgia for audiences worldwide.

Nana’s short film “Impressions from Rustaveli’ draws inspiration from Georgian medieval epic poem 'The Knight in The Panther's Skin' by Shota Rustaveli - a Georgian monk who dedicated his epic poem to the female King Tamara.


The film portrays the heroes and heroines, whose radiant loveliness is represented in the poem is filmed at the point where static painting and cinematographic representation meet, and is fragmented in the attempt to condense it while maintaining its essential qualities.’

The project was presented by cARTveli Art Foundation and showcased within the frame of Fourth Georgian Film Festival in London.

The film screening was accompanied with live poem reading by famous British actress Diana Quick. ‘The Knight in the Panther’s Skin’ was translated in English by Lyn Coffin.


Georgian Literature in film panel discussion with artist Nana Tchitchoua, Translator Lyn Coffin,Georgian writer Gio (Aka) Morchiladze,Georgian scholar, writer and translator Donald Reyfield in conversation with journalist, William Dunbar.