About Us

cARTveli is the product of its founders Elizabeth,Tereza and Ekaterina who devoted their enthusiasm and love to help the world to discover new contemporary artists

To connect Georgia to the international Art field and give the world an opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view from it's balcony to little Georgia, where so many amazing artists can be discovered.

Elizabeth Chachkiani

Elizabeth Chachkiani was an art lover and an amateur art collector before she decided to turn her passion into a career. She has graduated from European School of Management in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Her background in Business Administration and Management sparkled her interest in running a gallery and sustaining an art project.
After moving to London in 2006, she decided to explore her interests further; initially, she completed Curatorship Courses at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

In 2012, Elizabeth co-founded The Collection Gallery with the solo aim to gather and share information about Georgian Artists and their work. After initiating a couple of successful projects to promote Georgian artist in the West, she decided to dedicate her time and energy to this cause and co-founded Cartveli.

Georgian Art is at the heart of her professional and personal life.

Tereza Kandelaki

Teraza Kandelaki has been working in managerial positions at multinational companies in London and Moscow during the last 12 years. She has co-owned BOLSHOY ART, online art gallery where she has been connecting her love for arts with an online business platform. Tereza, Georgian by origins, born and raised in Moscow, is a second generation émigré. After graduating from London School of Economics and Political Science, she continued into becoming a successful business woman in property investment world as well as dedicated and passionate believer in arts/culture as means of bridging nations. "There is nothing more joyful and pleasant in life than seeing people being united by their love to art, discovery of new twists, creative vibe and energy getting people from all sorts of backgrounds together."- Tereza Kandelaki

Ekaterina Moniava

Ekaterina Moniava was born in Tbilisi, in a family of a Georgian artist. Art has been part of her life from the outset; Inspired by her father, she started painting from a very young age. To peruse her passion she did her postgraduate studies in the Applied Arts.

Ekaterina has combined designing clothes and interiors with her career in Sales and Management after moving to London in 2003. At Shanghai Tang, her interest in colors and textures reached a new dimension. As a Corporate Clients’ Communication Manager she worked with the company’s designers, VIP clientele and other stakeholders. Their diverse cultural backgrounds and outlook on fashion, lifestyle and philosophy of living have enriched Ekaterina. One of her key interests is color psychology and color therapy. However, her core passion was and still is Art.

In 2012, Ekaterina co-founded The Collection Gallery to introduce Georgian artists to the UK's art collectors. However as her interest is philanthropic, later she co-founded a non-profit Organization cARTveli. Ekaterina is determined to use fundraising and communication skills to introducing contemporary Georgian artists to the West.